Sign Up for Credit Reporting

Looking into building up your Credit Score? Sign up for our Credit Reporting program. Enabling credit reporting will help you raise your credit score every month when you make payments for your rent on time. Make a payment or set up auto pay, forget about it, and see your credit score rise. 

The credit reporting option will only record positive scores so if you weren’t able to make this payment on time… or the next six payments… DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! The credit reporting system will only help you raise your credit score and not damage your credit, since we understand sometimes things just happen. 

To sign up visit our online web portal , Sign In/Up, Click “Make a Payment”, and then “Sign up for Credit Reporting.” If you run into any issues or need help please contact us at (920)922-2222 and we’d love to help you get signed up. 

Read some of these great articles on how to increase your credit and the benefits of a great credit score. Experience the benefits of a great credit score.

*Our credit reporting cannot guarantee a rise in your credit score as other outside factors will effect your credit score as well. For additional information on our credit reporting program please see PayLease.



Ivan Carrillo