Look at all those signs! Just please don’t take them.

The November elections are coming, we can tell by the yard signs. If you would like to show your support for your preferred candidate, the party you are involved with, or a social movement; please go ahead and post your sign. Show the community your patriotism!  We are proud of the diversity of our communities regardless of political views. 

So if you are proud of your sign, but not a fan of your neighbor’s or the couple’s down the street, please don’t ruin it for everyone by stealing their sign.

Reasons not to steal the signs. (For those contemplating the idea.)

  • Stealing a political sign is a Class 2 Misdemeanor.
  • Stealing a political sign isn’t patriotic. You know what is. Voting.
  • The person’s whose sign you just stole already contributed to the campaign. Stealing their sign will just lead to purchasing another sign, further contributing to the campaign.


Whether you are Red, Blue, Purple or just hate yard signs in general, please be considerate that we live in a world were people have different views, and some of us like to display them in support. 

Ivan Carrillo